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Our unique family connection with Papua New Guinea.

(Above left) 1968 – Daryl McCombe inspecting the constabulary. Amanab
(Above right) 1968 – Moyne McCombe with local village children

PNG Experience was founded by Travis McCombe, whose family lived and worked in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for 15 years establishing long-term relationships with the communities in Sepik and Madang provinces.

Born and raised in PNG, Travis speaks fluent Tok Pisin (the local dialect) and is well known to the local people and suppliers through his strong family connections to the region.

Travis’ father Daryl worked as a Kiap (Patrol Officer), working closely with the local population in remote inland locations, as well as provincial coastal townships.

It is this unique connection to PNG that was the catalyst for Travis to establish PNG Experience, so that others could experience the raw, untouched beauty of PNG, its people, culture, history and environment.

  • Our local knowledge, family history and relationships connect travellers directly with authentic local PNG communities for a unique, unforgettable travel experience.

  • Our tours offer in-depth experiences with the unique wildlife, geography, history and culture of the Madang and Sepik regions.

  • Our expertise in logistics in remote areas of PNG ensure you spend your time immersed in your tour experience, not arranging your next connection.

  • We pride ourselves on sustainable, ethical relationships with our local contacts. Our long term goal is to ensure that local communities benefit greatly from tourism investment from the grassroots up.

  • Our tour guides are passionate about the local culture, communities and environment and delivering unique, personal experiences for our travellers.


Our tour guides are all locally-connected,  knowledgeable about their communities we travel in. They are passionate and dedicated to delivering an authentic, personal experience, with great insight into local history, culture, customs and mythology.

Travis McCombe

Travis McCombe


Travis is passionate about developing tourism in the PNG region, which greatly benefits not only the local people and economy, but the cultural and educational connections that with visitors bring through the PNG Experience’s mission of ‘Konnecting Kultures’.

Kelli McCombe

Kelli McCombe

 Boss Lady

Kelli keeps Travis in line!

Kurtz Mullul

 Head Guide

A lifelong friend of the McCombe family, Kurtz has a wealth of knowledge and connections throughout the Madang region. Kurtz speaks multiple languages, including Tok Pisin.

Emil Materanu

Emil Materanu

 Tour Chef

A native of Ali Island, West Sepik Province and an amazing asset to the PNG Experience team. Emil has over 40 years in catering and hotel management and is capable of creating amazing culinary experiences from around the globe, as well as traditional PNG dishes.


Travis is a founding member of the Ali Island Project. Established in 2011, the charity has the goal of assisting the people of Ali Island, Sandaun (West Sepik) Province to improve infrastructure, education and health services on their tiny Island, to attract tourism and boost the local economy.

Travis has lead multiple volunteer tours to the Island to complete work on the project infrastructure over the past six years. The project’s work continues today. Find out more here. Find out more here

As a result of Travis’ work on the project, PNG Experience was formed to create a unique and intimate travel experience for the modern tourist, seeking to immerse themselves within the culture, history, cuisine, landscape and seascape of one of the last untouched frontiers, PNG.


PNG Experience prides itself on a foundation of social and environmental responsibility. Tours are conducted on a model of sustainable tourism, empowering local communities as active self-investors to develop and implement strategies for long-term viable tourism.

With ongoing development of harmonious relationships with village communities off the regular tourist trail, we are able to combine well known sites with those that would otherwise not reap the benefits of tourism. This allows for a richer experience for our clients, whilst encouraging local development and growth at the grassroots level.