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Project Description


PNG Experience pride ourselves on our ability to provide unique cultural journeys through Papua New Guinea’s various provinces.

Each region offers differing opportunities and we have captured an ideal blend of authentic raw culture and tradition, mixed with modern comforts and relaxation.

Whilst we are are able to fully customise our cultural tours to cater for your needs, we have a few favourites.

Madang Kulture Tour (11 days)
From AUD $3,400
Madang offers the perfect mix of culture, beauty and relaxation, set amongst an archipelago of islands. Resort stay, with two nights of village stay in our purpose-built bungalows, gives you the authentic PNG experience. History, multi-village visits, cultural displays, island visits and plenty of relaxation make for a well-rounded tour.

Tufi Kulture Tour (9 days)
From AUD $3,200
Imagine yourself in lodgings overlooking magnificant tropical rias (fjords), with daily cultural experiences, interspersed with moments of relaxation and light activity. This is the Tufi Kulture Tour. With one night in village accommodation for a true local experience, the Tufi Resort is your home for the majority of your PNG journey.

Sepik Crocodile Festival (10 days)
From AUD $4,200
Our Sepik Festival tour coincides with the annual Ambunti Crocodile Festival, East Sepik Province, which celebrates the cultural significance of the crocodile to the people of the Sepik River. The Sepik is well known as a cultural epicentre, with a rich tapestry of ritual, mythology and beauty.
Immerse yourself in the festivities, whilst experiencing unique travel and sightseeing. A must for the traveler that seeks out a truly raw and unique journey.

Kokopo National Mask Festival (9 days)
From AUD $3,800
East New Britain Province hosts the annual July National Mask & Warwagira Festival, that showcases local culture and the unique masks of the region.
Become engrossed in the ritual, dance, story telling and arts and craft of the Tolai, Baining and Pomio people of the province, well known for its natural beauty.
Volcanic islands and tropical mainland beaches offer great opportunity for relaxation, water activities and light trekking to significant sites. Enjoy your stay at one of the province’s best hotels.

Hiri Moale Festival (6 days)
From AUD $2,400
Taking place each September in the nation’s capital Port Moresby, the Hiri Moale Festival is a celebration of the epic trading voyages of the seafaring Moatuan people, who journeyed to the Gulf Province on their iconic sailing canoes (lakatoi). The Hiri Moale Tour includes full entry for the duration of the festival, as well as daily excursions about Port Moresby’s various significant sites. You will witness full Moatuan culture, with song, dance and ritual. Enjoy the comfort of Port Moresby’s best hotels.

Kulture Tour
Kulture Tour