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Project Description


PNG Experience pride ourselves on our ability to provide unique cultural journeys through Papua New Guinea’s various provinces.  

Each region offers differing opportunities and we have captured an ideal blend of authentic raw culture and tradition, mixed with modern comforts and relaxation. Whilst we are are able to fully customise our cultural tours to cater for your needs, we have a few favourites.

2024 Tours

Kokoda Trek (11 Days)
June 27 – July 8
From AUD $4,800
8 places available

Sepik Crocodile Festival & Madang (11 Days)
August 4 – August 16
From AUD $5,200
6 places available
A customised tour, including the Sepik Crocodile Festival in the Middle-Sepik River region, along with beautiful Mushu Island.

Goroka Show & Asaro Mudmen Village experience (9 Days)
September 11-20
From AUD $4, 600
6 places available

Hiri Moale Festival (8 Days)
March 18-15
From AUD $3,200
6 places available

Tufi Fish, Dive & Trek (9 days)
November 12-20
From AUD $4,600
9 places available

2025 Tours

Kokopo National Mask Festival (9 days)
Date TBC
From AUD $5,600
Places available

Sepik Crocodile Festival (11 days)
August (TBC)
From AUD $5,200
Places available

Kokoda Trek (11 days)
June-July (TBC)
From AUD $4,800
Places available

Madang Paddle Odyssey III (11 days)
September (TBC)
From AUD $5,200
Places available

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